Ableton & Novation Announce New SL MK II Integration

Novation controllers are now fully integrated with Live 8. Make use of Novation’s new bus-powered SL MKII and make music with Live anywhere!

This is a must see for any producer/musician:

Having co-developed the Launchpad, Ableton have worked with Novation to make the Novation SL MkII range fully integrated with Live 8. Now, SL MkIIs are the most comprehensive bus-powered Ableton Live 8 controllers on the market, and the only ones with on-board keyboards. The new integration makes controlling Ableton’s Session view, Mixer and plug-ins and devices quick and easy, because all of Ableton’s major controls are instantly assigned to SL Mk II’s 56 knobs, faders and buttons…

Here is the official announcement:

2 thoughts on “Ableton & Novation Announce New SL MK II Integration”

  1. wow great find! i usually gloss over these announcements and disregard them but this is great to keep in mind. kind of regret buying the oxygen 49 a few months ago!

  2. Make a 61 with drum pads and I’ll ditch my MPK for it, Novation makes great gear. Their Twitch controller is a alot of fun to play on!

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