Blip Drums Releases Ableton Live Drum Machine – “Magenta”

Blip Drums Releases Ableton Live Drum Machine – “Magenta”

The great folks over at Blip Drums have released a new Drum Machine for Ableton Live known as Magenta.

Here are some samples:

Magenta is a powerful fusion of Blip Drums’ world class electronic drum library and Ableton instruments and effects. Within Magenta is over 1000 original electronic drum samples contained within 16 drum pads. All samples are instantly available via uniqe “sample selector” knobs. This allows freedom to explore drum sounds during play back without the hassle of loading external samples. In addition, automation of the sample selector knobs allows musicians to explore a whole new world of rhythm programming.

Each of the 16 drum pads has it’s own set of 8 specifically designed sound shaping performance knobs giving the musician instant access to over 128 knobs that tweak every aspect drum sample. This moves Magenta away from simply being a drum play back sampler to a powerfully effective drum synthesizer.

The combination of Ableton’s powerful instruments and effects combined with Blip Drums world class electronic drum library creates a stunning “go to” drum machine for today’s eclectic mix of modern music.

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