How To Change The Feel Of A Beat With Triplets

In this video tutorial, I show you the basics of how triplets can affect 4/4 beat. Dabrye’s track “Hyped-Up Plus Tax” is used for our example.

In this video I will be using Dabrye’s song “Hyped-Up Plus Tax” as a reference point to showing how powerful changing even just a couple notes to triplets in a 4/4 beat can help change the entire feel of it.

I chopped the original melody by warping it, and matching it to the metronome. After that, it was a matter of figuring out the drum pattern of the beat.

5 thoughts on “How To Change The Feel Of A Beat With Triplets”

  1. Thanks for sharing your videos,i’ve learned alot,some tricks i knew,others that improved my knowledge of this remarkable software.Your presentations are very simple and informative.

  2. its a cool trick!!!

    But personally I prefer to record this kind of tricks with a midi controller with pads, piano or the pc-keyboard.

  3. Agree with Octavio – Switch off quantisation and knock yourself up a beat on a set of pads or a keyboard, adjust afterwards to get your groove. Great for if you want to copy a groove directly mind.

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