How To Make An Electro House Song In Ableton Live

On this screencast, we’ll learn how to create the basis for an Electro House track. Starting with the drums, working through a bass line, and finishing up with some melodic chords.

Find out how to write the basis of an electro house dance track in Ableton Live with this screencast. Arrangement and synthesizer programming videos will come soon!

18 thoughts on “How To Make An Electro House Song In Ableton Live”

  1. Great tutorial, can’t wait for the next parts. This is about the stage I get to most of the time.

    Once I have the core of the tune though I sometimes struggle arranging it out!

  2. Yeah, arranging is definitely one of those processes that can take some time to really master. Just remember, most dance music is arranged in blocks of 4, 8 and 16 measures. If you can use that as a starting point for changes/introducing new parts, it’s a big help. Thanks for watching!


  3. Awesome video, Ryan! Definitely one of my favs so far. Thanks for doing these types. I find myself in the same situation as Bang the DJ in that I’m able to get my ideas down in session view, but when it comes to arranging the song, things seem to just fall apart.

    Can’t wait to see the rest.

  4. just for your knowledge i watched this and…you shouldnt EVER use a limiter on your master fader or really at all…your pushing sound through the mix thats cliped its going to mess up your signal in the end…
    if your going to layer the drums then do it with the track in mind…and make sure they dont clipp..


  5. thanks so much for this video! just a quick question though: how do I get good kicks/snares/hi-hats and put them in an organized place like you did?

  6. this tutorial got the creative juices flowing. i’m looking forward to more of videos from u. great job, extemely helpful.

  7. This is an amazing tutorial but where’d you get the kicks/snares/hi-hats/claps?

  8. Great tutorial, one of the best I’ve found after digging around youtube for a while. Much appreciation!

  9. Christian S is full of shit. Putting a limiter on the master does exactly what you want – keep it from going into the red while pushing the quieter bits up. Brick wall limiting on the master fader is standard practice in all styles of music, not just EDM.

  10. Great tutorial! Thanks. Do you have any tips where I can find information on how set up the the notes of the drum and kicks?

    Kind regards,


  11. thank you so uch you made it easier then ever now i can finnaly get started G-d willing ima make it big

  12. A tip: when using the drum rack and tweaking anything (asdr, whatever) that will be tweaked throughout, one can do so on one pad and send it to all the others straight away. Take velocity: change it, for example, to one hundred, right click on the number, select “copy to siblings,” and all pads shall have the velocity switched to 100.


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