How To Program A Detuned Pad With Ableton’s Analog

Today I am taking a classic Autechre synth pad, and doing my best to recreate it. Included is the “Recipe” for this sound, as well as a video.

For this tutorial, I will be recreating a synthesizer pad from the song “Eutow” by Autechre. I will be only using instruments and plug ins within Ableton Live. Not only will this be showcase the power of Analog, but I hope it serves to teach a few things when it comes to programming synth sounds.

Think of it as a “Synth Recipe”.

Here is the original Autechre version:

And here is the recipe:

Start with the default settings of Ableton’s Analog

OSC 1:

Waveform: Square
Detune: 0.04
Pitch Mod LFO: 0.08
Pulse Width (Width): 100%
Pulse Width LFO 1: 0.65

Filter 1:

Type: 24dB
Freq: 8k

Amp 1:

Attack: 4 Seconds
Sustain: 0.50
Release: 150ms
Pan Mod (LFO 1): 0.19

LFO 1:

Mode: Beat Sync
Rate: 1/8

OSC 2:

Waveform: Sawtooth
Detune: -0.04

Filter 2:

Type: 12dB
Freq: 8k

Amp 2:

Attack: 5ms
Decay: 80ms
Sustain: 0.70
Release: 50ms

Main panel:

Quick Routing: First Routing Option (O,F,A/O,F,A)
Volume: -2.0dB


Dry/wet: 40%
Stereo: 50ms
Decay: 2 seconds

Ping Pong Delay:

Dry/wet: 25%
Feedback: 45%

Click here to download this Live set:

The Julia Child of synth programming I am not, so if anyone else would like to improve on, or send their own versions of the patch, I would love to hear it.

Also, as a side note, if you are new to Synthesizer programming, I highly recommend this set of tutorials:

4 thoughts on “How To Program A Detuned Pad With Ableton’s Analog”

  1. YES! thanks ryan, i been on reason creating synths since that’s the only “recreate so n so synth” videos online. dude this rocks, im so glad ur showin how to make synths in a similar fashion with live’s built in synths, might as well get the most out of my purchase. thanks ryan!

  2. all you forgot to show was a little bit of filter cutoff automation… or at least macro it up and play around with it….. then AFTER that.. DAMN that is near PERFECT!!!

    I still get blow away by how analog ANALOG really sounds…

    also you should have pointed out that you can turn up the error amount… if in fact you were trying to recreate an analog recording, then it couldn’t hurt?

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