How To Slice A Bass Sample MPC Style With Ableton Live

In this screencast, learn how to chop an upright bass sample and assign it to Ableton’s Drum Rack. Things get just a little bit jazzy.

In this screencast I show you how to chop up a bass sample, set warp markers as slice points, slice the audio to a MIDI track, and set up Drum Rack to act like an MPC.

4 thoughts on “How To Slice A Bass Sample MPC Style With Ableton Live”

  1. I love doing this, it works great with my MPD32. A time saving hint is to create an “MPC” slicing preset. Create an empty drum rack, with a Simpler instrument in one of the squares. Set the choke for the simpler to 1 in the chain as you did in the tutorial, and set up your Simpler settings how you want them for playing the sliced samples after chopping. Add any effects and macros you want to the drum rack, name the whole thing “MPC” or something like that, and then drag this whole deal to “/Library/Defaults/Slicing”. Now when you do “Slice to New Midi Track”, one of the slicing preset options will be the “MPC” option you just created with each Simpler set up properly as well as all samples automatically in choke group 1. Saves you some time setting this up by hand, otherwise. Cheers! Great blog!

  2. The preset idea is great. No need to re invent the wheel every time you make music, just use a preset you’re comfortable with. Being proficient while writing your tracks can help you focus more on what matters; the creativity. Thanks for reading!


  3. hey Ryan, great website, im learning alot, thanks for everything. just wanted to let you know if you havent seen (im sure you may have) that Ski Beats’ preset that’s similar to what Stefan said is on the ableton site. but i like this version also. thanks for the videos and tutorials


  4. Oh great! thanks! it’s a really good tutorial. I believe it applies the same in chopping samples of songs right?


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